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TipDish – Hot or Not

Written by Geri D

Topics: Blogging, Tech Stuff, Website

Last night we had our first official TipDish core (if I may call it such) meeting at Stags to discuss the future of this new WEB2.0 adventure we are embarking on. I must say, that if I were asked “TipDish – Hot or Not?” I would definitely say HOT HOT HOT!

We are now leading 3 main groups Business Dev/Operations, Marketing/PR/Sales and Dev/Design, we set another TipDish meet-up for a week from now (of course each individual group has it’s own goals and meetings in between).

I have a good gut feeling about TipDish and the “Hot or Not” now has me humming in my head “hot potato, hot potato…”, I don’t have any kids and I already hate the Wiggles, what’s up with that!?

Oh and since I mentioned marketing and such – YO!!! SHOUT IT OUT!!! TipDish – Soon on computer screen next to YOU!

Mark my words! Google – Be afraid, be very afraid!!

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