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Halloween twitter icons

Written by Geri D

Topics: Blogging

So I couldn’t resist it and had to go with the flow, or jump on the band wagon, call it whatever you wish and just had to write about the twitter Halloween icons. I find these little thingies fascinating since someone has actually put in the time and effort to program these critters into twitter and at the same time somewhat annoying too, like all the other silly gizmoz that allow you to manipulate twitter text.

One way or another, it doesn’t really matter
Happy holiday, and happy Halloween
To the Elf, Pirate and Vampire Queen!

Yeah, yeah, yeah… I started a different paragraph and it started to rhyme, so I just went with it ๐Ÿ™‚

In order to add the icons below to your tweets, just copy the character combination to the right of the icon and paste them into your tweet.

Have FUN and Happy Halloween!!

bat      >o<
frankenstein      [:-]-I-

witch      < |:~(
mummy      (|:|/)

skull      8-#

gravestone      +-(

pumpkin      `O

moon      ( | )

cat      โˆ‘:*)

werewolf      }:o{

vampire      :-[

zombie      X-/

spider      ////ร–\\\\

I believe the Halloween twitter icons originated here.

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  1. Aruni says:

    Thanks for the twitter character text to the cool icons!

  2. joey says:

    HOW these do not work with twitter.com….should i try tweetdeck?>?

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