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Interview with Andrew Karnavas at The Coffee Groundz

12 March 2009

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About a week or so ago I shot some video interviews with JR Cohen from The Coffee Groundz and Andrew Karnavas. This is the first video of a series of short interviews. We wanted to have them on the patio at The Coffee Groundz, but it was too noisy so we moved the whole set […]

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Video review – Acer Aspire One

2 November 2008


After almost 2 whole months since my video review of the Acer Aspire One was published on Linux Journal, and used by numerous other blogs, I thought it may be time for me to actually put it on my own blog too.

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Ike Live webcam – The Recording

12 September 2008


Originally this post had “Live broadcast from my window as long as power and internet stay on during Ike”. Now that the storm has passed I thought it was a good idea to change the live feed to the recorded footage from that long night and stormy weekend. You can find more of the recordings […]

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Will it blend – Guitar Hero III

22 December 2007


After they brought you “will it blend – iPhone”, which made my heart miss a beat and cold sweat all over, here is another “will it blend” I found on YouTube: The moral of the story – MUST HAVE BEACH BOYS!!!

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